Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Power Of Makeup | Well And Truly Spanglish x


Today's post is something I can't in any way take credit the fabulous Nikkie Tutorials. Youtuber, Makeup Artist and creator of The Power Of Makeup - she is well known for her amazing tutorials and bubbly personality so I thought why not try and create a makeup look invented by the very Queen herself ey?
I only recently discovered the concept of this idea/look but ever since I have, there's been no turning back. I'm not gonna lie, I am totally, 100% obsessed. 

The Power Of Makeup

The Power Of Makeup was created for people to see the difference in appearance on individuals with and without makeup, and to really show that, helll yeah those brows are fleekin' and that highlighter is so shimmery it makes you look like a modern day Tinkerbell, but at the end of the day your beautiful inside and out - no makeup needed. Also, so what if a girl or boy wants to splash their face with a load of colours and coverage? What is it to you? That person is having fun, expressing themselves and in most cases, doing something they why should they be subjected to makeup shaming? What's the point? If you want to take your anger out on someone, go punch a wall or scream into a pillow if that's what it takes but DON'T take it out on others..especially not others with winged eyeliner. To whoever can do winged eyeliner..well done. You are truly gifted. 

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I had so much fun doing this and seeing for myself how much of a difference makeup actually makes. It's safe to say without it I still look like the chubby cheeked 5 year old I once was:)
I 100% agree with Nikkie (and the hundres of other beauty lovers that have tried this) that makeup is purely a way of enhancing your inner beauty and it should never be shamed. There's a huge amount of time, effort and money (thanks Debenams beauty counters for making me broke) invloved in doing your makeup correctly. No one deserves to be made fun of for it. I hope you've all enjoye this weeks post, feel free to leave a comment down below on your thoughts about #ThePowerOfMakeup <3
Stay beautiful.

Megs x  

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