Sunday, 22 May 2016

An Insight Into The Mind Of An Overthinker | Well And Truly Spanglish X

An Insight Into The Mind Of An Overthinker | Well And Truly Spanglish x

This post is something I've been thinking about for a while as I think a lot of us are victims to overthinking, but does that necessarily make us a bad person? 
I'm only young and definitely have so many more things to both look forward to and fear, but that doesn't stop me overthinking now. Those simple questions that take a minute to ask yourself, but hours to answer. 
Why do we do this? 
I worry too much, I care about people too much and most of all, I overthink too much. The funny thing is, it's not even like I have much to worry about right now. I mean sure, there's exams in school and whatnot but at the end of the day it's a tiny period in your life put towards working hard and setting your goals for the future.
 Is that really so bad?
 For those of you that are reading this, I want you to ask yourself this short and simple question: Am I an Overthinker? And if your answer turns out to be yes, ask yourself another question: Why? 
By personal experience, I find just simply doing this makes my worries seem half as bad as they were before, so keep on asking yourself and I promise your worries won't seem worry-worthy. Besides, I'm the worlds laziest person going, so if I can do it you defiantly can! 
Also, don't feel subjected to anything. Don't feel like you have to do something you don't want to do, or that doesn't feel right, because this is what we worry about most of the time and it's what makes us or breaks us. You don't feel like going to that party everyone's been invited to?  Don't. Stay home, order a large pizza just to yourself and have a Disney Movie marathon. Simples. 
I hope some of you have benefited from this post in one way or another. Feel free to go follow me on Instgram for weekly updates and shameless selfies-details below:) Stay beautiful.

Megs x

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Power Of Makeup | Well And Truly Spanglish x


Today's post is something I can't in any way take credit the fabulous Nikkie Tutorials. Youtuber, Makeup Artist and creator of The Power Of Makeup - she is well known for her amazing tutorials and bubbly personality so I thought why not try and create a makeup look invented by the very Queen herself ey?
I only recently discovered the concept of this idea/look but ever since I have, there's been no turning back. I'm not gonna lie, I am totally, 100% obsessed. 

The Power Of Makeup

The Power Of Makeup was created for people to see the difference in appearance on individuals with and without makeup, and to really show that, helll yeah those brows are fleekin' and that highlighter is so shimmery it makes you look like a modern day Tinkerbell, but at the end of the day your beautiful inside and out - no makeup needed. Also, so what if a girl or boy wants to splash their face with a load of colours and coverage? What is it to you? That person is having fun, expressing themselves and in most cases, doing something they why should they be subjected to makeup shaming? What's the point? If you want to take your anger out on someone, go punch a wall or scream into a pillow if that's what it takes but DON'T take it out on others..especially not others with winged eyeliner. To whoever can do winged eyeliner..well done. You are truly gifted. 

Products used:

I had so much fun doing this and seeing for myself how much of a difference makeup actually makes. It's safe to say without it I still look like the chubby cheeked 5 year old I once was:)
I 100% agree with Nikkie (and the hundres of other beauty lovers that have tried this) that makeup is purely a way of enhancing your inner beauty and it should never be shamed. There's a huge amount of time, effort and money (thanks Debenams beauty counters for making me broke) invloved in doing your makeup correctly. No one deserves to be made fun of for it. I hope you've all enjoye this weeks post, feel free to leave a comment down below on your thoughts about #ThePowerOfMakeup <3
Stay beautiful.

Megs x  

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Pouting It Out (April Beauty Haul Part 2) | Well And Truly Spanglish x



Next, I've made some recent new purchases in my lip drawer with brands like Essence, Bourjois, Benefit, Revlon and MAC. And you guessed it, I'm going to give you lovelies the low down on these gorgeous lippies. 


I've only had my Essence lipsticks for a short amount of time but I've already noticed the hydrating formulae, pigment pay off AND amazing scents these lipsticks have, aswell as being naer to £3 each?! The packaging on these  lipsticks are quite sleek and small aswell, so they would fit easily into your purse or coat pocket for a quick touch up as they're not that long lasting on the lips and tend to last for only 2-3 hours:(


Now are my two boujoir lipsticks. One a limited editiion shine lipstick and the the other a liquid lipstick but BOY IS IT BRIGHT! I bought these two in hope they'd match as my perfect summer lip combo, and even though they are roughly the same colour, the liquid lipstick is a tad too bright and corally (but in the summer would look stunning with a simple white dress) sooo I'm a tad scared of wearing it. Is that bad? Do you ever buy a lipstick that's really bright and get scared of wearing it incase it makes you look like a clown, or is that just me? Clowns and colour aside, I'm really enjoying these. The colour pay off (especially in the liquid lipstick) is great, and the packaging is very very cute. Sorry. I'm a sucker for packaging and I have no shame:)

Benefit Balms

Next I have the Benefit Lollibalm & Posiebalm which must be the most photogenic things known to man. These balms are MASSIVELY hydrating and moisturising, so they're great for people like me who's lips are constantly cracked. *again, cries for eternity* Also, the two colours (a bright red and subtle baby pink) are very "every day" so I get a lot of wear out of them and can even wear them to school without looking too OTT and I've found these balms last for a.g.e.s so there will be no constant reapplying which is always a plus one!

Revlon Love

I know I'm a tad late to the band wagon on these products, but I've been meaning to pick them up for quite some time now so when I saw them on sale i HAD to get've been there before, right? Besides, the cute packaging was just calling my name:) 
These are the Revlon Lip Butters in Peach Parfait and Strawberry Shortcake. At first I thought these would be great for the summer, as they have a stunning colour pay off but the formulae is extremely sheer, much like a balm (so they're naturally hydrating). Buttt that's when I remembered I had Benefit's Posiebalm and Benebalm, which then made me think how similar the two brands products would be.. *cough cough Drugstore & Highend Dupes post cough* I'll update you guys on how I get on with testing these two products out... 


The last lipstick I have to show you is one that a lot of you guys will's from's extremely's Velvet Teddy. This little tube of heaven is something I will defiantly repurchase, the colour, matte formulae and longwear is amazing. I can't fault it. I've been playing around with eyeshadow looks, matching them with this lipstick and I think it's safe to say it.goes.with.everything. How did I never discover this sooner?! 

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Megs x