Thursday, 14 April 2016

I'm Back! x

The last time I blogged was to let you guys know I was going to be on a "short" break, little did I know that I haven't actually had the time to blog OR take my own photos in the past two months. I think it would be a tad of an understatement to say this really bugged me but it gave me time to think about what this blog actually meant to me and where I wanted to go with it.

 (Not my picture. Found this on Twitter and thought it was just too beautiful..whoever took this, your a genius)


Is it just a hobby? Should I make it into some sort of online diary and post whenever and wherever I feel like it or should I stick to a subject that I love (aka beauty) and post regularly? Do I want this to go anywhere? Am I prepared to make a few sacrifices to clubs so I can fit in the time after school? And most important of all...Do I want to carry on? The answers to all of these questions led down to one conclusion.


For me, blogging is somewhat of a getaway island. If I'm stressed at school or there is a problem in my life...I feel like blogging is something I can do to help me get away from that. I'm not saying I use it to bide my time and run away from my problems, but I find it therapeutic and think that without my blog I would be one very paranoid girl. If something goes wrong in my life, I try my best to take it in my stride and roll with it, but as we all know, sometimes it just doesn't work and THATS where Well And Truly Spanglish comes in. I play my favourite album (which currently happens to be Pixie Lott's Turn It Up. I know it's old but the songs are so good they just got me signing along every time and I got no.shame.whatsoever), make myself a cup of tea or a hot chocolate (no explanation needed there) and I'm fired up n ready to go. I have my laptop in front of me opened up on a blank page with the cursor just waiting for me to start typing, and when that happens, I know it means it's time to clear my head and focus on filling you guys in on my latest loves, hates or thoughts. So in short...I love blogging and feel like I can't live without it. These past couple of weeks have been hectic and I'm so happy to finally have the time to get into my regular Sunday routine again. I definitely feel like I'm not going to want to stop blogging any time soon and if I can, I'd love for my blog to actually take off and become known so I can share content that (I hope) is somewhat enjoyable to even more of you but now...I'm happy with what I have. There will be a HUGE beauty haul going up next week so make sure you don't go anywhere between now and then! I also might do a little giveaway if I get up to 5k+ readers on my blog and 500+ followers on My Instagram x

I'm so grateful to those of you that read my blogs. You guys are the best and never fail to make me smile when you take the time to read the content that me and my little computer create. Thank you.

Megs x

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