Sunday, 17 January 2016

Bath and Body Skincare Haul: Soap&Glory, Zoella & More!

Hey everybody! Today I'm coming at you with no other than my first Bath&Body Skincare Haul! This post isn't to brag or show off, I just thought you guys would like to see the things I've accumilated over the past few months as there are some pretty lush smelling things in my little Hamper of Heaven...


I'm going to start  with my Soap&Glory products just because they smell A M A Z I N G and I'm kind of in love with them:) *cries because you can't get S&G in Spain*

 So first thing are my full sized products. I have The Scrub of Your Life (body scrub), Clean On Me (shower gel), Peach and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk (facial cleanser), Heel Genius (foot cream) and then my minis: Clean On Me (shower gel), The Daily Smooth (body butter), The Righteous Butter (body butter), Smoothie Star (body butter), Sugar Crush (body butter) and Flake Away (body polish). After using these products continously for the past 4 weeks I think it's safe to say that I'm. In. Love. They smell amazing, the packaging is adorable and the product itself is to die for. My two favourite things I've found are Scrub Of My Life and Peach and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. The Scrub Of My Life is honestly the best scrub I have ever used and you only need a small squirt to cover your entire body, leaving it feeling soft and exfoliated after. And for the cleanser? I might actually prefer it to my Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish. Yes. It's that good. It smells like a peach cocktail you'd find in a beach hut on holiday and it gives my skin a really nice glow! The cleanser itself dissolves makeup instantly, making it melt away with one quick swipe of a flannel and it doesn't irritate my skin in any way, which is amazing seeing as my skin is so sensitive! On top of all that, it leaves your face super soft and smelling like a dream. Who wouldn't want that? Don't get me wrong, the Liz Earle Cleanser will forever be on my bathroom shelve but this new Soap&Glory Cleanser has definitely made a breakthrough in my skin regime. 


Aswell as my S&G products I have some Zoella and Just Pink stuff too....           Some new products of mine have been the shower/bath soak (Soak Opra) and body lotion (Creamy Madly Dreamy) from Zoellas original beauty rage and BOY DO THESE SMELL GOOD. I haven't used these as of yet but just from popping the lid open and taking a sniff, I can't wait to open them, the temptation levels are high!

Next are my Just Pink Range from Next. The set comes with an In Shower Moisturiser, two Body Washes, a Scrub and some Body Lotion which are all enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. The packaging is super cute with it's rose gold lids and labels, aswell as the scent of the products which give off a really relaxing, feminine, almost floral scent which would be perfect in a bath overflowing with bubbles! Again, I haven't properly tried theses products out yet but I will update you as soon as I do..

I hope you have enjoyed my little rant about my newest loves this week. Have you tried any of these prodcuts? How did you find them? Leave a comment below<3

Also, don't forget to check out my little scrapbook on Instagram for more pictures, @wellandtrulyspanglishx 

Megs x


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