Sunday, 15 November 2015

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My Cosy Autumn Daily Routine & Top 5 Fave Bloggers

"I dare you to let me be your, your One And Only. Promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms, so come on and give me a chance. To prove I am the one who can walk that mile, until the end starts".....defo not belting out Adele songs at the top of my lungs:)

Helloo everybody! Since I didn't post last week, I thought I would make it up to you guys and give you a 2 in 1 today! Lately, I've been watching and loving ALOT of "My Daily Autumn Routines", so I thought I would recreate that today seeing as 1. I love Autumn, 2. It gives me an excuse to wear my massively oversized jumper and 3. Cadburys Hot Chocolate is calling me...

I will try and make this as Autumnal as possible, but I am sad to say it isn't raining, drizzly or stormy, and there is no raindrop sliding down my window to make me feel like I'm in a music video, in fact, it's the very opposite. The sun is shining through my bedroom window but I am in a very good mood all the same as I found the stash of chocolate my mum was hiding in the kitchen, I've re-organised my room and all my homework is done for the rest of the weekend *squeels*.

So, to start off, I have paired my oversized cream Argon jumper with some black high waisted leggings and converse-plain, simple, yet oh so comfy. 

Then I will usually whip out my Spotify and listen to all my fave songs while I'm getting ready, because let's face it, if your mascara goes wrong (this has happened many a time) or your hair gets stuck in your Tangle Teezer (yep, also happened), there is nothing better than singing out the words to your fave songs into your hairbrush whilst dancing around your room (you guessed it..). Some of my favourite songs lately (they aren't neccesarily Autumnal but they're amazing all the same) have been: One And Only By Adele, Budapest by George Ezra and A-Punk by Vampire Weekend. 

Then, after taking care of my skin and prepping it for the day ahead, I will throw on some dark lippie before going to make some lunch and a hot chocolate (gotta be Cadburys)...



My Top 5 Fave Bloggers

I thought this would be an interesting post to do, as I like photography and travelling equally as much as I like beauty and fashion, so I guess you could say I'm an allrounder! Therefore, I tend to read some blogs that other people in their teens wouldn't neccesarily read, for example, Zoella seems to be a very popular blog (due to her success on Youtube), but so many people read her content, and even though it's really good quality and she's adored by  so many fans, I'm here to show you guys something a little different...

1. Thirteen Thoughts

This has to be one of my favourite all time blogs. I am a consistent reader of her blogs and adore them all. It is mainly beauty and lifestyle, but her quality in writing really is good and flows off of the page, almost as if she's talking to you herself. There is something on there for everyone, beauty, lifestyle tips and the oh so loved "How To's" name it, she's got it. 

2. Hello October

Hello October, featuring a little someone called Suzie, is a fashion blog that takes you through the world of fashion, from High Street to Designer Labels. This girl can pull just about any outift off, whilst taking you along with her to share her experiences and oppertunites one would only dream of...

3. Gabriella Loves

This is essentially a beauty blog written by a makeup enthusiast and bookworm (like me) so as soon as I started reading this, I automatically fell in love. Gabriella reviews makeup, from Highend to Drugstore Dupes, and does the occasional book review that always leads me adding another book onto The Wishlist. I would highly recommend this blog if your a young adult or teen, I find it's easy to read as there's not a load of information, yet you feel like you've learnt something at the end of her reviews! Big thumbs up for Gabs!

4. Lydia Elise Millen

I originally came across Lydia through her Instagram (@lydiaemillen) and after a quick scroll through her feed, I realised I needed this blogger in my life. No doubt about it. Lydia posts on a weekly basis all about Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Travelling..there's no stopping this girl. She's done it all! Her posts and Youtube channel are adictive and aswell as being a role model for a great number of her viewers, she does everything with a stride in her step, not bad eh? Having a bad day or just feeling under the weather?  Check out this blog, it's sure not to dissapoint! P.S Can I mention how cute her cat is? 

5. Tuula

My final fave is completely deddicated to Jessica Stein. Her posts aren't jampacked with information, but her After reading her blog for a couple of months, I now feel like if I don't travel the world, I would be missing out on so many things I never even knew existed. Aswell as being incredibly skilled in photography, Jessica has impicable taste in clothes, pulling off everything and anything from floaty dresses to trainers. 

I hope you've found this weeks post useful? Let me know in the commments below<3

Megs x 

*P.S I was not sponsored or payed in any way, shape or form and all opinions are my own. These blogs are my favourite, therefore I thought they deserved to be raved about* x




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