Monday, 2 November 2015

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Even though this weeks post is rather late, I thought i would still post because I felt like I just had to share with you some pictures I took from the Halloween Party I attended the other night! I dressed up as Dead Alice in Wonderland and covered my face in as much fake blood as possible until I thought I looked scary enough, before I made my way to the party where there was decorations and food galor. From spewing pumpkins, glass-jarred eyeballs and witches fingers to deadly potions (mine was non-alcaholic as always:), the place was kitted out with ghastly ghosts and pumpkins from head to foot. 

So, whilst I was glancing at all the food glorious food (I bet all of you are now singing that to yourselves now:), the clogs in my head started clinking and I decided to steal some inspiration....

 The Nacho-Spewing Pumpkin


 Spider Cider & Bats Beer

 Blood Oozing Cupcakes

 Not So Sweet Marshamallows

 Rotten To The Core Apples

 Intoxicating Injections

How tasty looking are they?! I hope you have found some of these ideas useful for next year, I can assure you that these treats will go down a storm at any party! I hope you all had a nice half term holiday<3

I love youuuu 

Megs x

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