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WinterTime Lookbook Collab: How I Style Baggy Jumpers and Leather Jackets

Hello my much love people of the Internet, how are you all? This weeks post has taken so mcuh time to make as it's in collaboration with my beautiful chummy, Eleise Devine. Eleise and I have been best friends for 4 years now (how I've put up with her I don't know:) and as she's just started her own Youtube Channel, I thought we could collab together! Her channel is mainly beauty and lifestyle based, with some Q&A's thrown in there, and seeing as at 7pm tonight our Lookbook will be going up on her channel, if you want to see more videos of  us walking around in outfits awkwardly not knowing what to do then feel free to head over there after<3

I'm only messing, this was so much fun to make buttt the photos I have lined up for you guys may be a little different as we had to film and take pictures on two different days at different times, and as we're going into winter time, the evenings do unfortunatley get darker quickly. Whoops. 

Aside from that, sorry it's taken so long for this blog post to go up but hey ho, these things happen I suppose...


1.Cozy Daze 

You know those days where you don't want to get out of bed yet you have to go out? This outfit is perfect for days like these as a big cosy jumper, trainers, jeggings and a messy bun make THE most comftorble outfit ever, besides, wearing big fluffy jumpers is basically the same as walking around in a duvet. What wouldn't you love about that??

Jumper: Local charity shop (I do love me some bargains) 1 

Jeggings: Tesco (swear these are the most comftorble jeans ever, highly reccommend) £1

Trainers: Converse All Stars in White Leather

2. Girls Day Out 

To make this outfit a little different, I simply paired a leather jacket with some suede heel boots, black high-waisted jeans and a modern burgundy coloured crop top. I love wearing this, because even though it's not super smart, you can get away with wearing it out at night or even for a day out with your friends shopping....

Leather Jacket: Zara €40

Crop-top: New Look £8

Jeans: Primark Super Skinny High Waisted Jeans £10

Boots: H&M Black Suede Heels £30 (these are the most comforble boots you ever will see, I wore them around London for a day and a half without my feet aching, H&M...I love you). 


3. Party Proof

Why bother with dresses when there's options like this one available? Since discovering this neat trick I have hardly worn a dress to a party. Ever. 
And that's saying something because I loveee my dresses. 
I have made this by matching a pair of white ripped jeans (you don't have to go out and buy these already ripped, just rip some cheap white jeans that youv'e found lying around the house, there's no difference!) with a black and gold sparkly top which kind of screams Christmas Time. Obviously, if you want to wear heels then feel free by an means, but I'd rather wear trainers to a party than heels anyday, at least they'll be no falling over...

Top: Primark £8 (again with the bargains..)
Jeans: Miss Selfridge White Ripped Jeans £25
Shoes: Black Platforme Trainers from my local shoe shop €15  

I hope you all enjoyed seeing yet another Lookbook, make sure you check Eleises Channel out, it would mean alot! 
Also, I want to say a massive thankyou to those of you that have stuck with me and my little blog. I know I haven't been consistent with uploading but a planner is the first thing on my Christmas List this year to help me get more organised so hopefully after New Year there will be a solid routine for posting!
See you all next week!

Megs x


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