Sunday, 4 October 2015

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Benefits Sugarlicious Kit Tutorial! x

Hey guys! How are you all? How's your week been? Let me know in the comments below<3 It seems to me like this week has gone by really fast and can I just say that as I'm writing this, I'm listening to Ed Sheeran's album and And as always, Ed has got me into a really good mood so I figure that now would be the best time to blog!

Recently, I've been so lucky as to receive the well-known Benefit Sugarlicious Makeup Kit! This is a deliciously nude lip & cheek kit and I cannot describe anything better than this at the moment. 

1.It has THE cutest packaging (but let's be honest here whenever is Benefits packaging not cute:)

2. It has a big square miror! *jumps up and down like a pogo stick* When is this ever not vital in your makeup bag or handbag?

3. Being the age I am, I like my makeup to look as natural and nude-like as possible, so this kit is perfect for that. From the blushes and highlight to the lip tint and lipgloss, everything in this has a flush of colour so you have that forever longed for dewy, pretty-in-pink-type look without looking like you've thrown half of your highlighter on your face!

I've been experimenting and playing for the last few days and I've found a look that can be worn for both school/college/work and would look gorgeous with a flowy white dress for when you go out<3 Please ignore my horrid nails but the packaging looks like so:

Then inside:


Can we take a moment to appreciate the polka dots<3...

After doing my face, eyebrows and eyes, I dived head first into this cute little box of pinkness, and played around a bit until I was happy<3:

To get this, I simply applied a touch of Benetint to the midle of my lips before blending out, swirled my brush into the mini Sugarbomb Blush and sweeped it across my cheeks, dabbed three dots of the High Beam highlighter across my cheekbones and blended that in, all before adding a thin layer of Sugarbomb lipgloss! I tend not to apply that much blusher on my cheeks purely because I don't really like it on my skintone, but I love love love the High Beam and I feel like Benetint and the Sugarbomb lipgloss are also a really nice combination for light,subtle lip<3

Again, I want to say that I was not sponsored, payed in any way, shape or form and I was given this kit as a present (thanks Pami & Jojo) so all opinions are my own. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and feel free to subscribe or leave a comment below:)

I love youuuu<3

Megs x


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