Sunday, 18 October 2015

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Autumn Makeup Staples x

Hey everybody! After gulping down the worlds biggest truffle ice cream sundae and walking up & down the coast of Villa Joyosa until my legs felt like jelly, I am now sitting on my sofa with my legs up and a mug of hot chocolate in my lap, writing this weeks blogpost! In the past month of October, I have watched nothing.but.tutorials. And it seems like most autumn makeup tutorials consist of either a copper/goldy eyeshadow with a touch of dark red in the crease for the eyes, a well contoured face and the big show stopper...a burgundy lip. Altogether, I like my autumn makeup to be fairly simple, but then comes the lipstick:) Personally, I think that there is no way to actually pull off a bold lip, you just have to feel confident wearing it, and unless its Halloween, that will always be the case. So due to this, I have gone and bought a burgundy lipstick to see if I am one of the fortunate few that can wear a dark lip without looking like a vampire. Let the battle begin. 

Some of my favourite products of the bunch:

Collecting Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette: Seeing as I'm certainly no makeup artist, when it comes to eye shadow I like to keep things simple. That's why this Collection palette is so loved, as it has mega-pigmented shades which are gorgeous with any look, and they're quite natural looking too. (That also explains why it's so dirty. Whoops).

Kiko Contouring Pencils & Face Brush: These little beauties have made my life soso much easier! The highlighter is so beautiful, I feel a bit like a princess whenever I wear this, I'm not gonna lie. *pictures self in an Elsa costume*. I find that the face brush is the handiest thing ever when it comes to travelling as it's double-ended. I use it mainly for bronzing and contouring but it's completely up to you in what way you use it, but altogether I would give these a 9/10!

Rimmel Lipstick in 128 Starry-eyed: It turns out, I'm kind of in love with this. It smells like berries, the colour is so gorgeous and I think it's formulation is great as it's not too creamy or too drying on the lips either! Also, I've found that this lasts all day so unless you wipe it off, that bold lip isn't going to budge any time soon. A handy tip when it comes to lipstick is that, if you can, try to find a matching lip pencil to your lipstick colour, as applying this beforehand will make your lipstick last for a lot longer!

Products mentioned...

-Benefits Posie Tint

-Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 

-Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara 

-Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette 

-Rimmel Lipstick 

-Too Faced Cocoa Matte 

-Kiko Contouring Pencil Set 

-Kiko Face Brush 


I hope you all enjoyed reading and I'll be back next week with some spooky suprises (defo not a clue to my next post)<3

I love youuuu

Megs x




  1. Oh v nice megan. Waiting for more posts soon coz tbh hearing ur reviews on makeup products interests me and actually gets me spending money. Oops. Ly xx Georgia

    1. haha you make me laugh Geo<3 glad your liking them bb & lyt x