Monday, 6 July 2015

Review | Kiko Sunproof BB Cream & Getin' All Flowery x

Kiko Sunproof BB Cream & Gettin' All Flowery x

Hey! So as you can tell by the title, today I wil be doing a review for you on Kiko's Sunproof BB Cream, which i think? is from the Modern Tribe Collection. I bought this product about two weeks ago now and have been wearing it every other day (as I don't always wear makeup). When I went to buy it in their stores, there was only 3 shades that you could chose from, Light, Medium or Dark but I will try to find out if there are any more shades for you guys as I'm not entirely sure. I picked up the BB Cream in Light as I'm quite fair skinned and I don't really tan that easily (I know, I live in Spain yet I don't tan...ironic isn't it) and it has SPF 30 so it helps to protect your skin from the sun aswell!

The packaging is very cute, with gold writing and browny aztec prints on and I'm not gonna lie, I think the packaging (and the sales!) just made the deal for me!

  I was quite impressed with the BB Cream itself as it's so so easy to blend out and it's that perfect formulae of not being too watery, gloopey or heavy. It feels really light on my face and the coverage is buildable so you can decide how much you want which is always good for people like me that have spots and blemishes but don't always go for the foundations wih the most coverage. 

I put this on at 12:00 exactly yesterdy afternoon and tried to test how long it had lasted. I went in the pool with my friends at about 5:30 (I had to take the BB cream pff before getting in the pool as its not waterproof) so it had lasted a good couple of hours (and I was practically melting in the heat!). The only thing I would say is the first time I put it on, I applied it to my entire face where I had some dry skin, and I felt like it kind of clung to my dry skin and it was quite visible (to me at least!) Since then I have been moisturising my face every day & night to try and get rid of them and I thing it's slowly, but surely working!I would give this an7\10.

Now, I know your all probably thinking, okay so she's done the review but what is this girl on about with the flowers! Welll, as I was taking some photos I came across a really pretty vase of summery looking flowers, so for those of you that need a bit of brightness or cheering up right now, here is a picture of the adorable flowers I found:)


  Also, youv'e probably noticed that my blog is looking a bit different now because I got a tad bored with the old layout so I decide to shake it up a bit! There's also a new subscription link added so if you want to be notified when I next post, just subscibe in the box below (or to the side I'm not entirely sure).

Thankkkkk Youuuuuu for the amount of reads in the past week, I'm almost at 500!!! Do you think we can get there? oh yeee<3 

I hope you have all had a  great week and I love you all<3 

Lots of love,

Anonymous x

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