Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Day-to-Day Summer Lookbook x

My Day-to-Day Summer Lookbook

Hey! So I was thinking of new ideas for posts and I thought maybe a Summer Lookbook would jazz things up a bit:) I've been on Pinterest and Tumblr for ideas and I've tried to make cute outfits with the things that I have as I dont want to go buying new clothes! I wasn't too sure about  posting this but I felt like I should do something special for you guys to thank you for the amount of reads I've had recently! Hope you like it<3.....

Outfit NO.1: Casual n Cool 

This outfit can be good for hanging out with friends or simply just worn around the house! It's super comfy and will go really well in the winter with a black leather jacket too!
Shoes-All Star Converse (from your local sports shop)
Penny Board- local skate store
Black Choker- Jakarta

Outfit NO.2: Cute n Summery

I wear this outfit when going somewhere nice for lunch or going to see family/friends in the summer! I love this outfit because it's cute and cool (especially in the hot weather!).
Top- Primark
Shorts- Primark
Shoes- All Star Converse (from your local sports shop) 
Surf Necklace- A gift from a friend

Outfit NO.3: Floaty n Formal

I wear this when going out early evening when it's cooler but too hot for a dress or playsuit! I love this outfit because the black high-waisted shorts kind of make the whole look even smarter, yet simple! 

Top- TKMax, Elodie
Shorts- Bershka
Shoes- All Star Converse (local sports shop)
Bracelet- Thomas Sabo
Surf Necklace- A gift from a friend


As you can see, I've kind of picke two staples (shorts&converse) and planned all of my outfits around them as they're the day to day things that I would be wearing most during the Summer! I'm sorry that Im posting on  a Tuesday instead of Sunday but it took a while for all of the photos to come through! 
Also, I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Imogen Eales, who is an amazing photographer so all credit for these photos go to her! Go check out her twitter @ximixex !
 If you liked this then don't forget to mention in the comments and I will do an evening lookbook for summer nights out! 
Thanks for reading and I hope your having a nice summer, I lovee youuu!

Lots of Love, 
Not-Anonymous-Megs<3 x

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