Thursday, 23 July 2015

Fiesta Time! x

Fiesta Time! x

Sooo my beloved readers, I told you all in my last post that I was on my way to a traditional spanish fiesta called Moors & Christians! This is a fun, parade-type thing that kind of re-enacts the battles between the Moors & Christians in the olden days. Now I know this sounds reeaaally boring but this wasn't like a re-enactment of a battle scene. It was a massive parade that went round my town and it was so fun! There were so many costumes I lost count, along with the different floats and dancers. 

So, as promised, I made sure to take some photos for you guys so you could get a taste for what the fiestas are like!...

What do you think? Sorry the quality isn't the best, I took these photos on my phone:) The dancers were so good! And the dancing horse (pictures 4&5) was defo one of the highlights! 

Im going now bc I need pizza but I've got a very exciting post planned for this Sunday so watch out.....<3

Lots of Love,

Anonymous x

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