Monday, 18 May 2015

Early May Favourites and Trying To Be a Mermaid x

Early May Favourites and Trying To Be a Mermaid x

Hiya guys, sorry for the late post tonight but I have loads of exams coming up so I've been revising non stop, ugh the very thought of revising makes me fall asleep. 
This weekend has been a kind of chilled out weekend, I went in the sea, in the pool and then the rest has just been dancing clubs and revision so not very exciting, I know, but there are some mucho exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks so you just have to keep your eyes peeled mwa ha ha! As I borrowed my sisters underwater camera, I've got some pictures that I'm quite proud of (counting that a majority of them involved me holding my breath for an uncomftorble amount of time whilst trying to stay in an underwater position with water going up my nose)!  Aswell I though I might add in a super early May Favourites as I probably won't have time to do one at the end of the month, so without further adue, here they are...x 

Following on from the picture above, my May Favourites have taken quite a longtime for me to pick out seeing as I've been loving so many things lately. My TV and music favourites of the month have probably been Modern Family because my brother downloaded the whole series onto my TV somehow and I'm now hooked (thanks Chris) and my music favourite is Lean On 
by Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MØ because I listen to it every day on the ways to school and it puts me in such a good mood for the day ahead so yeah:)
 Getting into the picture then, I felt like I needed to giveBatiste a little mention as, let's be fair, where would we be without this life savior🙏🏼I've been kind of addicted to Chupa Chups Big Babol Bubble Gum because I bought one of those mega packs and now everywhere I go there's a packet of them in a coat pocket or bag! My beauty favourites have been the Kiko Kiss Balm in 02 Apricot (suprise suprise), a No7 mini Skin Illuminator as this gives my face such a lovely glow and its so portable which is great, a No7 mini Extreme Length Waterproof mascara as I love the definition it gives to my lashes and I wore this whilst swimming/paddle boarding and my mascara stayed in place which I was unbelievably happy about as I was expecting to look like a Halloween bride:) And last but not least, Youth Dew by Estée Lauder. This is basically a body lotion but it's soo good! It absorbs almost within seconds and I use only about three pumps of it per leg/arm so it lasts for long too. It smells...(here we go, the dreaded explanation of the smell that no one can do) kind of like baby powder but with a hint of perfume. I'm sorry I suck at explaining scents but it smells good anyways! Finally, my book/magazine faves have been A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. How can I describe this book? It's the most inspirational yet relatable book I have ever read and I'm in love with it. The pictures inside are pure genius and I take it everywhere with me (I may have even dropped it in the sea once or twice..sorry Connor). For magazines, I've been loving Teen Vogue- April 2015 edition because who doesn't love a bit of Vogue (and let's be honest, the front of it just pulls you in really) and AnOther Magazine-Volume 2 Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2015, featuring Rihanna. This fashion mag has actually given me a few ideas for summer outfits and I'm in love with the pictures<3 but it is a tad heavy:( 
Well that's it guys, thanks for reading, and again I'm sorry I'm late uploading but you know what revisions like..the stress is ripping my brains out I swear! I just want to say that I haven't been payed or sponsored for anything in my May Favourites and everything said is completely my own opinion x 
Keep your eyes peeled for another post this Sunday (hopefully on time)
I love you all, 
Anonymous x 

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