Sunday, 22 May 2016

An Insight Into The Mind Of An Overthinker | Well And Truly Spanglish X

An Insight Into The Mind Of An Overthinker | Well And Truly Spanglish x

This post is something I've been thinking about for a while as I think a lot of us are victims to overthinking, but does that necessarily make us a bad person? 
I'm only young and definitely have so many more things to both look forward to and fear, but that doesn't stop me overthinking now. Those simple questions that take a minute to ask yourself, but hours to answer. 
Why do we do this? 
I worry too much, I care about people too much and most of all, I overthink too much. The funny thing is, it's not even like I have much to worry about right now. I mean sure, there's exams in school and whatnot but at the end of the day it's a tiny period in your life put towards working hard and setting your goals for the future.
 Is that really so bad?
 For those of you that are reading this, I want you to ask yourself this short and simple question: Am I an Overthinker? And if your answer turns out to be yes, ask yourself another question: Why? 
By personal experience, I find just simply doing this makes my worries seem half as bad as they were before, so keep on asking yourself and I promise your worries won't seem worry-worthy. Besides, I'm the worlds laziest person going, so if I can do it you defiantly can! 
Also, don't feel subjected to anything. Don't feel like you have to do something you don't want to do, or that doesn't feel right, because this is what we worry about most of the time and it's what makes us or breaks us. You don't feel like going to that party everyone's been invited to?  Don't. Stay home, order a large pizza just to yourself and have a Disney Movie marathon. Simples. 
I hope some of you have benefited from this post in one way or another. Feel free to go follow me on Instgram for weekly updates and shameless selfies-details below:) Stay beautiful.

Megs x

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Power Of Makeup | Well And Truly Spanglish x


Today's post is something I can't in any way take credit the fabulous Nikkie Tutorials. Youtuber, Makeup Artist and creator of The Power Of Makeup - she is well known for her amazing tutorials and bubbly personality so I thought why not try and create a makeup look invented by the very Queen herself ey?
I only recently discovered the concept of this idea/look but ever since I have, there's been no turning back. I'm not gonna lie, I am totally, 100% obsessed. 

The Power Of Makeup

The Power Of Makeup was created for people to see the difference in appearance on individuals with and without makeup, and to really show that, helll yeah those brows are fleekin' and that highlighter is so shimmery it makes you look like a modern day Tinkerbell, but at the end of the day your beautiful inside and out - no makeup needed. Also, so what if a girl or boy wants to splash their face with a load of colours and coverage? What is it to you? That person is having fun, expressing themselves and in most cases, doing something they why should they be subjected to makeup shaming? What's the point? If you want to take your anger out on someone, go punch a wall or scream into a pillow if that's what it takes but DON'T take it out on others..especially not others with winged eyeliner. To whoever can do winged eyeliner..well done. You are truly gifted. 

Products used:

I had so much fun doing this and seeing for myself how much of a difference makeup actually makes. It's safe to say without it I still look like the chubby cheeked 5 year old I once was:)
I 100% agree with Nikkie (and the hundres of other beauty lovers that have tried this) that makeup is purely a way of enhancing your inner beauty and it should never be shamed. There's a huge amount of time, effort and money (thanks Debenams beauty counters for making me broke) invloved in doing your makeup correctly. No one deserves to be made fun of for it. I hope you've all enjoye this weeks post, feel free to leave a comment down below on your thoughts about #ThePowerOfMakeup <3
Stay beautiful.

Megs x  

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Pouting It Out (April Beauty Haul Part 2) | Well And Truly Spanglish x



Next, I've made some recent new purchases in my lip drawer with brands like Essence, Bourjois, Benefit, Revlon and MAC. And you guessed it, I'm going to give you lovelies the low down on these gorgeous lippies. 


I've only had my Essence lipsticks for a short amount of time but I've already noticed the hydrating formulae, pigment pay off AND amazing scents these lipsticks have, aswell as being naer to £3 each?! The packaging on these  lipsticks are quite sleek and small aswell, so they would fit easily into your purse or coat pocket for a quick touch up as they're not that long lasting on the lips and tend to last for only 2-3 hours:(


Now are my two boujoir lipsticks. One a limited editiion shine lipstick and the the other a liquid lipstick but BOY IS IT BRIGHT! I bought these two in hope they'd match as my perfect summer lip combo, and even though they are roughly the same colour, the liquid lipstick is a tad too bright and corally (but in the summer would look stunning with a simple white dress) sooo I'm a tad scared of wearing it. Is that bad? Do you ever buy a lipstick that's really bright and get scared of wearing it incase it makes you look like a clown, or is that just me? Clowns and colour aside, I'm really enjoying these. The colour pay off (especially in the liquid lipstick) is great, and the packaging is very very cute. Sorry. I'm a sucker for packaging and I have no shame:)

Benefit Balms

Next I have the Benefit Lollibalm & Posiebalm which must be the most photogenic things known to man. These balms are MASSIVELY hydrating and moisturising, so they're great for people like me who's lips are constantly cracked. *again, cries for eternity* Also, the two colours (a bright red and subtle baby pink) are very "every day" so I get a lot of wear out of them and can even wear them to school without looking too OTT and I've found these balms last for a.g.e.s so there will be no constant reapplying which is always a plus one!

Revlon Love

I know I'm a tad late to the band wagon on these products, but I've been meaning to pick them up for quite some time now so when I saw them on sale i HAD to get've been there before, right? Besides, the cute packaging was just calling my name:) 
These are the Revlon Lip Butters in Peach Parfait and Strawberry Shortcake. At first I thought these would be great for the summer, as they have a stunning colour pay off but the formulae is extremely sheer, much like a balm (so they're naturally hydrating). Buttt that's when I remembered I had Benefit's Posiebalm and Benebalm, which then made me think how similar the two brands products would be.. *cough cough Drugstore & Highend Dupes post cough* I'll update you guys on how I get on with testing these two products out... 


The last lipstick I have to show you is one that a lot of you guys will's from's extremely's Velvet Teddy. This little tube of heaven is something I will defiantly repurchase, the colour, matte formulae and longwear is amazing. I can't fault it. I've been playing around with eyeshadow looks, matching them with this lipstick and I think it's safe to say it.goes.with.everything. How did I never discover this sooner?! 

See you next week with more beauty goss, but until then don't forget to follow me on my Instagram x

Megs x

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Building A Base (April Beauty Haul Part 1)|  Well And Truly Spanglish x

 This past month I felt like I've accumulated quite a few things in the makeup category after going shopping, so thought I would show you guys buttt I'm afraid I'll have to do it in 2 parts, one this week and one next week as it's so long:( 
So yes, I went shopping, no, I had no money left in my purse by the end of it and yes, I'm dedicating this very blog post to showing you lovely humans what I purchased! *squeals because new makeup* 
Ready. Get set. Go. 


The Dream Team  

Lately, I've found I've been getting into somewhat of a routine with my foundation, concealer, powder etc. That was all good until my concealer ran out and my foundation got too dark for me (is it possible for someone to go paler than their usual skin tone in less than a week? Have I finally turned super human? Am I ready to join The Incredibles?). Due to this, I went and picked up the Maybelline Dream BB Cream, the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (I bought this purely for the coverage and the amazing reviews it had), and to go with those two, the much loved Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I've had these products for two weeks now and I can defo say their slowly but surely becoming my favourites, with the glowly formulae of the BB cream, high coverage concealer and the velvety, matte, dreamy pan of loveliness, these three make a dream team. 

Mac MSF Love 

Along with these face products, I may or may not have popped into MAC. We all know what's coming...MSFFF! I initially planned on walking into the shop, finding a Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle and, much to Ceire's horror as she was shopping with me at the time, doing my little Omg-I've-Finally-Got-The-Mac-MSF-I'm-Gonna-Die dance. But, as always, things don't exactly go the way you plan them. I hopped into the shop, beaming from ear to ear and searching frantically for the counter where they had the MSF range. Turns out I found it, just not my Soft & Gentle. *cries for eternity* So instead of moping around, I started swatching the other MSF's because you know, what else will make you happier than having little strips of shimmery highlighter all over your hand ey? And that's when I found it. Landscapade. L A N D S C A P A D E. How has nobody mentioned this heavenly product before?? It's beautiful to look at, beautiful to swatch and even more beautiful on your face:) It's pale white colour looks wayyy more natural, but the shimmery pay off? Woah. Can you tell I'm in love? I've stooped to a new low.




Contouring Collection Style

Collection's Highlight & Sculpt palette is and will most likely continue to be my favourite contour kit in the Drugstore. I've tried Sleek, Seventeen, Boujour AND MUA, yet Collection's version still takes first place on the leaderboard. It's a slim, powder packed product with a subtle contour (which thankfully isn't the dreaded orangey toned shade) and glowing highlighter. Even though I do like the highlighter in this kit, I tend to mix and match between MAC and Benefit, but stick with the contour shade day to day, as I feel like it's the perfect shade for me (even with my pale skin), so don't worry my fellow ghosties, you never have to be scared of over-pigmented contour prodcuts again once you have this bad boy in your purse. *crowd cheers* 


Creamy Eyelids & Long Lashes 

Now, for eyes. As I notice the other day, to my shock and horror, that I don't own a brown mascara, I thought it only justifiable to pop down to Boots and get one. Maxfactor's False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara. So far, I've been liking this product a lot. It really does lengthen your lashes but I did find after a couple of hours my lashes started to stick:( That may just be the way I applied it though? I'll try it out some more and report back...
Then, I saw the gel nail varnishes at the Revlon counter. Can you guess what's coming? After 15 minutes of trying to find "the perfect colour" (which is every colour in my books), I walked out of the shop with a deep red crimson gel colour, base coat AND a free cream eyeshadow palete that just so happens to be perfect for travelling. Happy days. 

So that's it! I hope you've enjoyed seeing all my little loves, see you next week...stay beautiful. 

Megs x

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

I'm Back! x

The last time I blogged was to let you guys know I was going to be on a "short" break, little did I know that I haven't actually had the time to blog OR take my own photos in the past two months. I think it would be a tad of an understatement to say this really bugged me but it gave me time to think about what this blog actually meant to me and where I wanted to go with it.

 (Not my picture. Found this on Twitter and thought it was just too beautiful..whoever took this, your a genius)


Is it just a hobby? Should I make it into some sort of online diary and post whenever and wherever I feel like it or should I stick to a subject that I love (aka beauty) and post regularly? Do I want this to go anywhere? Am I prepared to make a few sacrifices to clubs so I can fit in the time after school? And most important of all...Do I want to carry on? The answers to all of these questions led down to one conclusion.


For me, blogging is somewhat of a getaway island. If I'm stressed at school or there is a problem in my life...I feel like blogging is something I can do to help me get away from that. I'm not saying I use it to bide my time and run away from my problems, but I find it therapeutic and think that without my blog I would be one very paranoid girl. If something goes wrong in my life, I try my best to take it in my stride and roll with it, but as we all know, sometimes it just doesn't work and THATS where Well And Truly Spanglish comes in. I play my favourite album (which currently happens to be Pixie Lott's Turn It Up. I know it's old but the songs are so good they just got me signing along every time and I got no.shame.whatsoever), make myself a cup of tea or a hot chocolate (no explanation needed there) and I'm fired up n ready to go. I have my laptop in front of me opened up on a blank page with the cursor just waiting for me to start typing, and when that happens, I know it means it's time to clear my head and focus on filling you guys in on my latest loves, hates or thoughts. So in short...I love blogging and feel like I can't live without it. These past couple of weeks have been hectic and I'm so happy to finally have the time to get into my regular Sunday routine again. I definitely feel like I'm not going to want to stop blogging any time soon and if I can, I'd love for my blog to actually take off and become known so I can share content that (I hope) is somewhat enjoyable to even more of you but now...I'm happy with what I have. There will be a HUGE beauty haul going up next week so make sure you don't go anywhere between now and then! I also might do a little giveaway if I get up to 5k+ readers on my blog and 500+ followers on My Instagram x

I'm so grateful to those of you that read my blogs. You guys are the best and never fail to make me smile when you take the time to read the content that me and my little computer create. Thank you.

Megs x

Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Beauty Faves 2016! x

Hey lovelies, how you doin? *smirks like Joey from Friends*;)
Sorry for being inactive on both my blog & Instagram the past week, I haven't been 100% well but I'm all better now so there's no excuse, time for me to get back on track...
Considering I haven't done a favourites post in ages and I've been loving a lot of things in this past month of January, I thought I would share them with you and tell you about all the little things that have been making me happy this month...

Since I've got a bit of a routine going with my skin at the moment I have been sticking to the same concealer, foundation, powder, etc just to be safe from any breakouts so I haven't any new faves there but I have been lovinggg Benefits What's Up Highlighter! It's a soft-focus golden higligter that I apply just at the top of my cheekbones and blend out with my Real Techniques Duo Fiber face  brush and woah. That highlighter POPS. The only downside to this is mine is a mini/travel size that I recieved from the Benefit 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calender so I think I may have to repurchase this before the summer, woops:)

My next two products have been used every day this month and I'm pretty sure it will continue for the next couple of weeks before I decide I need to start obsessing over some new lip products. These are the Loreal Color Riche lipstick in Doutzen's Nude (a girly pink colour) and Soap&Glorys Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in Rose and Shine (an equally girly colour). To any tomboy, these two baby pinks together might make you want to hurl, but for me, it makes THE perfect every day lip combo. Together these two products aren't sticky or tacky and the colour isn't so much of a bright barbie pink, but a delicate nude pink (if that makes any sense whatsoever. As you can tell, I'm not very good at describing colours).  
Now for the eyes. I'm not entirely sure why but this month I've really gotten into my eyeshadows and I'm kind of loving it, not gonna lie. My go to palette has been the Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow Palette. This has 32 flawless eyeshadows that are immensely pigmented and vary between beautiful matts and shimmers. It has the golds, the pinky nudes, the dark browns. If (like me) you tend to go head-over-heels for those warm toned colours, this palette is right up your street! Aswell as this, I picked up two of the Kiko Cream Crush lasting Colour Eyeshadows in 05 and 09. These are supposed to be cream eyeshadows but I find that the formulae is more wet and blendable, making them more towards the gel side? It might just be me, but neverheless, these beat the Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoos by a mile. I'm not entirely sure why, but I prefer these so much more and the colour range is stunning, with the two that I picked up being champagney gold & light copper toned, I think it's fair to say I've fallen in love.

 Lastly, I grabbed the last Soap&Glory Thick and Fast Mascara in boots, after hearing so many of my friends rave about it, and I can now officially confirm that this mascara is a game changer. It has a fibre wand (which I'm normally not a fan of) but this one somehow lifts my lashes aswell as curling, lengthening and volumizing them. Yep, I know what your Well, I'm not entirely sure what witchcraft Soap&Glory have done, but my lashes are thankful for it! 
As I've been ranting on for quite some time now, I'd like to finish off with my 3 random favourites which are:
1. Zoellas Wonderhand Hand Cream 
2. Victorio & Lucchino No2 Perfume/Room Spritz
3. Alessia Cara

This month has flown by so quickly and all three of the above have been greatly used, what with all the pampering, spritzing and dancing around my room to Here. Alessia Cara, you are a genius with an amazing voice, thanks for making getting ready in the mornings that slight bit more bearable<3

Sorry this was quite a long one guys but I thought a chatty post was needed since my absence last week. Stay beautiful.

Megs x

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Bath and Body Skincare Haul: Soap&Glory, Zoella & More!

Hey everybody! Today I'm coming at you with no other than my first Bath&Body Skincare Haul! This post isn't to brag or show off, I just thought you guys would like to see the things I've accumilated over the past few months as there are some pretty lush smelling things in my little Hamper of Heaven...


I'm going to start  with my Soap&Glory products just because they smell A M A Z I N G and I'm kind of in love with them:) *cries because you can't get S&G in Spain*

 So first thing are my full sized products. I have The Scrub of Your Life (body scrub), Clean On Me (shower gel), Peach and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk (facial cleanser), Heel Genius (foot cream) and then my minis: Clean On Me (shower gel), The Daily Smooth (body butter), The Righteous Butter (body butter), Smoothie Star (body butter), Sugar Crush (body butter) and Flake Away (body polish). After using these products continously for the past 4 weeks I think it's safe to say that I'm. In. Love. They smell amazing, the packaging is adorable and the product itself is to die for. My two favourite things I've found are Scrub Of My Life and Peach and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. The Scrub Of My Life is honestly the best scrub I have ever used and you only need a small squirt to cover your entire body, leaving it feeling soft and exfoliated after. And for the cleanser? I might actually prefer it to my Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish. Yes. It's that good. It smells like a peach cocktail you'd find in a beach hut on holiday and it gives my skin a really nice glow! The cleanser itself dissolves makeup instantly, making it melt away with one quick swipe of a flannel and it doesn't irritate my skin in any way, which is amazing seeing as my skin is so sensitive! On top of all that, it leaves your face super soft and smelling like a dream. Who wouldn't want that? Don't get me wrong, the Liz Earle Cleanser will forever be on my bathroom shelve but this new Soap&Glory Cleanser has definitely made a breakthrough in my skin regime. 


Aswell as my S&G products I have some Zoella and Just Pink stuff too....           Some new products of mine have been the shower/bath soak (Soak Opra) and body lotion (Creamy Madly Dreamy) from Zoellas original beauty rage and BOY DO THESE SMELL GOOD. I haven't used these as of yet but just from popping the lid open and taking a sniff, I can't wait to open them, the temptation levels are high!

Next are my Just Pink Range from Next. The set comes with an In Shower Moisturiser, two Body Washes, a Scrub and some Body Lotion which are all enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. The packaging is super cute with it's rose gold lids and labels, aswell as the scent of the products which give off a really relaxing, feminine, almost floral scent which would be perfect in a bath overflowing with bubbles! Again, I haven't properly tried theses products out yet but I will update you as soon as I do..

I hope you have enjoyed my little rant about my newest loves this week. Have you tried any of these prodcuts? How did you find them? Leave a comment below<3

Also, don't forget to check out my little scrapbook on Instagram for more pictures, @wellandtrulyspanglishx 

Megs x